The Journey

At the moment we are conceived, our lives are set on a journey that will carry us through life. Some will find their journey full of wonder and joy, while others will begin in darkness and be filled with sorrow and pain.  At times, our journey is shared with other life travelers,that will shape our understanding or alter it’s course completely. Other times we walk alone, if even for a short season. No matter what path our journey begins, it will be full of experiences that will move us forward between life and death.

My journey has taken me on many paths that have molded me into the women I am today. Along the way I have learned many lessons, some of which took years to finally understand.  Some experiences left joy and happiness, while others pain and sorrow. I have been to the darkest depths of despair where even the glimpse of  light couldn’t find me, too the highest points imaginable to man… and beyond.

Each experience we encounter through our own emotions and thoughts should lead us to a place of maturity and greater understanding of the world around us. However, some lessons are not fully learned until the end and often times leave us mourning the choices we could or should have made.

No matter what path we are placed, we should learn to embrace each and every experience we have along the way. Each moment of joy, sorrow and anger has a lesson hidden within it that will help us maneuver the obstacles we encounter.  They will teach us to interact with the other travelers we meet along the way so that we can be a light that adds value to their journey.

Our journey through life should not be about what we can obtain, but what we can give. Even those travelers who begin life in darkness, can offer a lesson we can all learn from.  Embrace each lesson, good or bad, and discover the value it can add to this journey. There have been many travelers before you and there will be many travelers walk this journey after you’ve gone. We may never know how a morsel of value planted along the way will touch a fellow traveler just when they need it the most.  Make your journey count so that the mourning of regrets are far and few when you reach the end.



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